Sensory Play

Using our senses allows children of all ages to explore and learn. Helping children become aware of their 5 senses gives them an opportunity to find their own learning experiences. 

Counting and colour sorting, adding and subtracting, drawing shapes, letters and numbers with their fingers or objects. 

The children learn to work in a group directing each other into their ways of play, expanding the children's thinking and understanding. 


Creative Play

Creative play doesn't need to just be painting and drawing. It is a form of self expression, using various materials. 

Using their whole body children learn how they are able to function in the real world. 

Children engaging in role play or imaginative play, promotes physical, Social and Cognitive Development. Encouraging Communication and Language. 

Ask your child to tell a story and their entire body moves with each made up line. 



Reading plays a vital role in a child's cognitive development. 

Sitting and reading however, isn't for all. Changing the environment and tools with each page helps children enter into the story by acting out each role. Injecting the child's name into a story fires up their imagination allowing the children to become part of the story. 

Storytelling isn't just from books. Making our own fun stories from play spaces allows the children to create their own imaginative role play that can be expanded no matter where you go next.


Outside Play

EVERYONE enjoys a bit of outside play. 

From wet weather puddle splashing to sunny days in the sand and water tables. Getting outside gives us all a bit of freedom to explore the world around us.

Mostly promoting Physical development, getting outside gives the children an opportunity to experience the real world and how they can manage it. 

Managing their feelings, communication and language, taking instructions, giving instruction, finding their limits, creating imaginative play, the opportunities are endless. 


Days Out

Making everyday trips a learning experience is a speciality of Lala's House. 

Food Shopping, Trips to the Garden Centre, School Run and Trips to the Park (amongst others) are opportunities for our children, to not only experience the ordinary, but encourages them to find letters, numbers, colours, shapes and sizes. Enables them to touch, smell, see, hear and sometimes taste, the world around them.


Building Friendships

Building friendships benefits a child's belonging and security. 

Learning the skill of making friends in the early years is something they can take through life. Helping children become more confident in the big wide world, reducing stress and arming them with the tools they need to adjust to changes within their environment. 

At Lala's House we encourage children to play together in big groups, 1:1 and teach the art of sharing through fun and imaginative play. Helping the children listen to as well as communicate their own ideas for the direction of play.

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