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Lara Louise - Children’s Behaviour and Sleep Coach

Reflection, reflect on the year gone. As parents we have become teachers on top of all our usual roles. We feel exhausted, stressed, we are finally reaching a point where we “just can’t anymore”.

Now, lets reflect on our children. In March last year, we collected our children from school one afternoon. Their day had been full of play, learning and fun. For many they were put to bed expecting to just do it all again the next day. Except when they woke up things were different.

Lets put ourselves in the shoes of our primary school kids… the excitement of being home when they should be at school, getting to play at home rather than sitting in a classroom, spending extra time annoying their siblings. To our children they were on holiday! They were at home, just another school holiday, Right???

But then the day came when our amazing teachers put their long, hard few months planning into practice and we all received those emails “Teams call scheduled for…” “For this weeks Literacy….”, “and Maths this week….”, “Don’t forget to keep reading to your parents”. The shock of now being at home, their safe place, where they can express all the feelings they need to, when they need to. They are now expected to behave as they would for their teachers during the “School Day”. Then, when the “School Day” is over, it’s mum and dads turn to work so its iPad/TV/Freeplay time. They can’t even go play with Billy over the road, because we aren’t allowed to see people.

“If you woke up tomorrow and everything was ok, what would that look like?”

Change is one of the biggest triggers of difficult behaviours and sleep issues. Over this last year the changes in our children’s lives have come in droves. So likely, their behaviours and reactions have changed along side this.

This is NOT a reflection on any of our parenting skills, methods or abilities. This is a reflection on the life we are forced to live.

When we say, “I’ve just had enough now, I want to see my mum and dad” look at your children and ask them “If you woke up tomorrow and everything was ok, what would that look like?”

We have taken the time to Thank and Clap for our NHS staff, carers, shop staff, teachers & parents.

Kids are resilient, they are. But lets not forget how much they have had to adjust to these new expectations. These Superheroes have ZERO say in their new way of life and they are doing their very best to adjust everyday. A situation, that last March was supposed to have been Temporary we are still battling a year on.

So put your hands together for our mini Superheroes. They are living this too.

Much Love

Lara Louise -Children’s Sleep and Behaviour Coach

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