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Happy New Year! 2021

Lala’s House, Children’s Behaviour and Sleep Coach

Happy New Year! 2021 brings with it some more difficulties but with promise of a return to some form of normality come Summer.

Lockdown brings with it so many challenges. Home schooling, Working from Home, maintaining your home, keeping in touch with Friends and Family, getting enough exercise, getting enough sleep! We are all trying to do it all, with little relief.

As human beings we have 3 fundamental needs Food, Water & Sleep! Our amazing supermarket key workers have your food needs sorted, whilst our Thames Water Keyworkers are keeping our water supplies flowing, let me help you with those sleep needs!

To be able to function at our best we need a certain amount of sleep. The total amount of hours we need in a 24hr period reduces as we age, but without that bare minimum we are all like bears with sore heads!

Having children in the house shouldn’t mean that sleep is a thing of the past. I hear so often that ‘being tired is just part of being a parent’ or ‘they are children! Of course they don’t sleep!’ BUT! they are children, this means they sleep more, not less! Witch craft?? Far from it! When we understand the need for sleep and how our children need to spread it out we are more able to get the amount of sleep we need too!

Our sleep needs go from Babies needing a minimum of 14hrs to our toddlers ranging from 11 - 14 hours in a 24 hour period. How your child spreads that in the day is really down to your lifestyle, but mostly their needs.

"With sleep we are calmer, more willing, gentle and less frustrated with our children and our children feel it too!"

There is a really bad rep associated with “Sleep Training”. It is expected that you are asked to leave your children to cry for hours without any interaction until they “just give up on you coming back” This is not sleep training! Sleep training is helping your child understand how to self settle, with your help and guidance. Sleep Training, is teaching your children the importance of sleep in enabling them to get the best out of their days, with your help and guidance.

One of our biggest sleep regression triggers is change! Our children are going through so much change at the moment, so if you’re struggling with sleep this is likely why and you are unlikely to be alone!

I want the very last thing you worry about to be sleep! Bedtime should be a calm time, a chance to really spend some time with your kids without fighting them, it is possible! I promise!

With sleep we are calmer, more willing, gentle and less frustrated with our children and our children feel it too!

Get in touch and I will make all your sleep worries disappear.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Much Love


Lalas House

Childminder/Children’s Sleep and Behaviour Coach

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