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Good bye 2020

Updated: Jan 18

Lala’s House, Children’s Behaviour and Sleep Coach

Hi! My name is Lara, a mum of 3 aged between 13 years and 1 year, 1 girl, 2 boys to be exact. I have worked with children on and off since having my first child and am currently working as a childminder in Chinnor.

2020 has been a year no one ever expected and many of us have, once more, had to reinvent ourselves to fit around our new way of family life. Let’s face it, becoming a parent is an earth shattering event as it is! Throw in a global pandemic and suddenly you have seasoned parents clawing at the skirting boards and hanging on by a thread to what is left of their sanity! As for any new parents this year! How are you??????

Challenges have smacked us all in the face like every single member of Chinnor Youth FC taking a hit at you with all your limbs tied! All you can do is stand there and wait for some of the balls to fly by and others to clout you clean in the face! Mental health has taken a nosedive, our children’s development has been put on hold, online business is soaring, and we are all appreciating the little things in life so much more.

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"The brain is such a powerful organ, developing a child is developing the child’s brain. It (you) moulds their beliefs, understanding and opinions."

Lalas House sprung from deep inside me. I have always been passionate about strong willed, healthy (both physically and mentally), well balanced children. Who can grow up to take on the world but be polite and appreciative while doing it. Teach them that the world does not owe them anything, but they can change the world if they so wish!

I began researching into the developing brain and at what stages each “part” comes into effect and can help us and our children connect. The brain is such a powerful organ, developing a child is developing the child’s brain. It (you) moulds their beliefs, understanding and opinions. How they deal with and react to situations. By understanding the brain and its functionality we can determine the difference between 2 main forms of tantrum and deal with them accordingly.

So many challenges have come out of 2020 for many. Our children have become feral, snack monsters. Our adult advent calendars were bottles of wine and random things we find in the kitchen cupboards. Regaining some control over ourselves and therefore our children’s health will help us all put 2020 where it needs to be, in the past.

Lalas House has tried and tested methods in all areas of support. It is not and will never be a “one size fits all” job. Every child is unique and will be treated as such.

Much Love


Lala’s House

Childminder/Children’s Sleep and Behaviour Coach

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