About Lala's House

My aim is for Progress, NOT perfection!


No one in life is perfect and it is important, especially for our next generation, to understand real life expectations. 

With 3 children of my own, born 2007, 2012 & 2019, and experience working with children for all of those 12 years. All children coming into my setting will get the 1:1 individual attention they need. 

The main focus at Lala's House is to encourage children to produce their own learning by providing experiences and opportunities that will enable them to enjoy and complete their next steps. 

All children develop at their own rate. Providing our children with opportunities and experiences enables each child to expand their worldly knowledge as well and the Key Areas of Learning. A shopping trip is never just a shopping trip at Lala's House.


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Opening Days and Times

Mondays             8am - 6pm 

Tuesday               8am - 6pm 

Wednesday         8am - 6pm 

Thursday             8am - 6pm 

A maximum of 4 weeks holiday taken each year. 

Open Term Time and School Holidays 

Drop off and pick up to; 

Jack n Jill Preschool 

Windmill Nursery 

Ladybirds Preschool 

Mill Lane School 

St Andrews School


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“Lara helped us massively with our son not just with bedtimes but helping us to understand what he needs without getting frustrated. Sticker and reward charts are our new best friends. She really has a calm and collective approach to children and really understands their needs and wants.

Lara also looked after Ollie for 5 weeks while our childcare support was out of action and he had the best time! The interaction and learning activities were great! Ollie was always very happy to go back to Lara and loved his time there! Especially with Peanut the pup and baby Joseph.

If you need any advice on children behaviour, sleepless nights etc. Lara is your definite go to support!”

H Champ